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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Financial Technology UK

A recent article in the Sunday times (1 December 2013) shone a light on the UK Government's desire to grow the Financial Technology industry. When launched in early 2014, FinTech UK will bring together start-ups, small firms and large companies from the financial and technology sectors to share ideas and promote the UK as a centre of excellence.

Following six years of strife in what was one of the star sectors of UK PLC (Banking), it will be interesting to see if FinTech UK can help repair reputations.

Conferma is already at the forefont of FinTech UK innovation and our payments ecosystem is being embraced by world class institutions from San Francisco to Singapore. We are living proof that British finance innovation and technology is highly regarded around the world and we look forward to seeing our sector receiving the help and recognition it deserves.

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