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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Building A Platform For Commerce

In the early days of CSP, CSP stood for the Conferma Settlement Plan and our customers had only one card partner and one booking tool (ours) to access. Of course, this was only ever going to be beneficial for some customers and so we took a step change in the way we developed CSP. We began to build version 2, the Conferma Settlement Platform. A Platform that would facilitate the same founding features of CSP but on an open network for any booking or desktop tool to connect to any card issuer they want.

The effort the team has put into the platform over the past few years is demonstrating how our open network is coming together. CSP is being used to pay for more travel via more booking channels, where customers are based in more countries with an ever expanding supplier base.

Today, with an ever expanding CSP network you can;
  • Use a booking or desktop tool of your choice (XML integration)
  • Use Hotel Booker with over 12 content providers
  • Use Conferma Low cost air tool
  • Use Conferma WebPay to place cards into any website or desktop system
  • Use our Batch Interface for bulk card deployments
  • Seamlessly access (and switch between) cards from all of our major card issuing banks
  • Settlement is being performed in multiple currencies
  • Access powerful data hands offs for your system
At the start of the month we implemented our latest card partner, HSBC. The speed and professionalism of the implementation into a major partner, such as HSBC, shows the strength and capability of the team here at Conferma.

The choice of booking tool and card issuer is up to you, as it should be. Like never before we’re making it easier to be part of the network. Contact us for more information.

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